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Our Story

Our Story

Evolutionary Development

While attending a class in chiropractic college, a number of years ago, the professor/doctor at the front of the classroom challenged the class by making the statement:

The real question you have to ask yourself as a professional is, ‘Have I been practicing for 25 (or whatever number of) years or has it been the same one year practiced over and over 25 times?

The development of Symphonic Energetics has followed an evolutionary path being nurtured by over seventy-five years of chiropractic experience between the two of us. While one of us was pursuing the mental/emotional and stress/attitude path in postgraduate development, the other strongly focused on the advanced chiropractic technique models with the additional focus on rehabilitation, fitness, and nutrition.

So, when we came together in 2006, there was much to offer and much to learn – both of us knowing that the amalgamation of these two practice styles was about to spawn something new and unique.

A Unique Question is Asked

About six months to a year prior to our coming together, another colleague and I (Dr. Eidt) had spent a few hours discussing an observation we both had made regarding neuro-thermal scan results of the spine on a number of practice members.

These scans were a customary component of our initial and ongoing assessment of neuro-spinal stress. The observation was that in some cases the stress pattern on the scan result kept repeating at a particular spinal level or, rather, appeared to be “stuck” as compared to other levels, where elimination or at least a shift was evident in the stress pattern. It had been our clinical experience that most of these stress patterns would improve with the type of care we were providing.

But for those particular cases where the part of the scan pattern wasn’t changing over a reasonably expected period of time and care, we would ask ourselves “What was causing these stress patterns to stay ‘stuck’ and therefore an impediment to the overall health and wellness of our practice members?” We ultimately hypothesized that these areas could be due to unresolved Neuro-Emotional Complexes (NEC’s) at the spinal level. An NEC is an emotional block to normal physiology or function.

As we began to “Muscle Test” these specific areas for the NEC we found that 75-80% of these areas tested positive i.e. there was a related emotionally based block present. (A positive Muscle Test means an originally strong muscle when applying resistance, usually in the arm, goes weak with the same resistance when contact is made to the area being tested.)

An Answer is Supplied

This very act of Muscle Testing was at the same time a way to alert the practice member’s brain subconsciously to the very fact that these NEC’s indeed were present.

Upon having employed our specific chiropractic methods immediately after having alerted the brain, 100% of the NEC’s had cleared.

This result of the NEC being subsequently cleared was based on a Muscle Test immediately following the chiropractic application and further confirmed on the practice member’s next neuro-thermal scan.

The scan result showed the former stress pattern had changed, diminished or disappeared – all of which meant the “stuck” pattern was no longer “stuck”.

Primary Findings Expanded

Our assessment was later expanded to include testing of NEC’s in other symptomatic areas of the body with the same excellent results. I.e. determine the presence of an NEC -which simultaneously alerts the practice member’s subconscious mind, and then apply chiropractic care, resulting in the removal of the NEC. And usually, reduction or elimination of symptoms in that area of the body occurs – sometimes immediately.

This became part of our clinical approach when
1) either a neuro-spinal stress pattern as shown on the neuro-thermal scan report was not clearing or not changing the following care, or
2) the practice member’s presenting complaint sounded something like this: “I don’t know what happened but this shoulder pain (or whatever complaint) just ‘FLARED UP’ in the past few days”.

We have found that practice members, using language like ‘flared up’, without any attributive cause, almost certainly connotes an NEC… And then we’re off looking for where and how to get it resolved as quickly as possible.

Up Close and Personal

This, indeed, provided an expanded approach to our clinical practice but it wasn’t until it became ‘up-close and personal’ that this started to make a real impact:

I (Dr. Eidt) had been bothered on a number of occasions with bouts of claustrophobia e.g. on aircraft with tight seating arrangements or in other “perceived” enclosed areas. Over time I found the neuro-emotional methodology by itself had helped considerably. But that was like a “monkey on my back” compared to the “gorilla” that was developing at another level:

I began to experience, exaggerated claustrophobic symptoms like anxiety or panic attacks and these were triggered whenever I couldn’t remember a name, a place, or a particular word that I wanted to use… I know, “Relax and in a few moments or minutes it will come to you”. Believe me, I tried that. But remember this was an “emotional gorilla” that had to be “fed now” – had to “know now”, or the anxiety would just increase.

In the midst of this, I knew I was okay – that this was some kind of emotional aberration – and I just had to be patient between attacks and eventually an answer would come. Then over the period of a few days or weeks, I started to contemplate the words “my birth” – it just kept coming back to me.

And so, on a given day, I found myself experiencing another attack over not remembering a practice member’s last name. After going to our office administrative files and discreetly getting the name of the practice member, the attack started to settle down. I approached my colleague and had him test me. I tested positive for an NEC on “my birth”.

You see it finally dawned on me that my mother had relayed to me on many occasions about the difficult time she had given birth to me – AHA! – I then realized that probably, I just may have had as difficult an “emotional” time myself in this same process of being born.

Chiropractic care was given – subsequent muscle test was negative. I felt better somehow, but the best was yet to come… A day or two later I became aware that I had experienced – and this is the only way I could describe it- the removal of a large boulder of black coal from within my body, my being, and it was replaced by a glowing ball of light. Sounds wild!

However, over the past many years since, we have witnessed many practice members experience this very similar transformation in their own very unique way. This was a major step in the evolutionary development of Symphonic Energetics and left us with the following question:

How many people suffer from anxiety and are medicated for it while a key component could be an NEC relating to birth stress or trauma, or for that matter, any trauma, physical or emotional?

New Possibilities

Some time passed and we continued to assist practice members in clearing NEC’s mostly at the spinal level or a specific body region, but now, our experience was showing that the brain had the capacity to…

clear multiple NEC’s (spinal or spinal/body combined) in one visit with one application of care. We were excited and now open to other possibilities…

The Endocrine System Joins the Party

And so it seemed in the cycle that on a day not too much later, we had a discussion about symptoms that Dr. Neumann was having. Our attention turned to a possible thyroid involvement.

The thyroid gland is part of the very powerful endocrine (hormonal) system of the body. We muscle tested for an NEC with the thyroid gland, got a positive test for NEC, applied care and voila! Not only did the thyroid subsequently test negative, but in the same instant, we became aware that we now could influence the clearing of NEC’s in both the nerve system and endocrine system of the body – the two most powerful and dynamic areas of human physiology. And, of course, we have continued to be amazed at the multiple clearings of NEC’s (spinal or endocrine separately, or both together). But more importantly, we were amazed at the overall impact on our practice members’ well-being – in some cases instantaneously.

Ongoing Research

As though this wasn’t beyond our wildest dreams, new approaches are presenting themselves within the dynamics that active practice allows for on a regular basis. Spawned by the experience of working in this field as well as a high degree of intuition, …

we are now in the process of drawing the connection between emotional states – recent or in the more distant past – and not only conditions and incidents that exhibit NEC’s, but the component of how the practice members “feel about” those conditions and incidents.

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