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Symphonic Energetics

Symphonic Energetics

A “NEW WAVE” of Healing

How long have you been waiting for the opportunity to melt down your body’s build up of tension from the past, while increasing your energy in the present, and establishing more effective strategies of adaptive response in order to handle stress going forward? Wait no longer! Symphonic Energetics is here, now. And, accomplishes all of this with ease.

Symphonic Energetics is a revitalizing system that takes into account the fact that there are several “power” systems in your body, each with unique responsibilities, functions, and capabilities. For example, when you are feeling “out of sorts” or some part of your life is just not coming together, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, it may be that one or more of your “power” systems are out of balance or functioning inefficiently.

Symphonic Energetics is an approach that analyzes and tunes up several power systems in your body resulting in the following benefits:

Increases relaxation

7 – 10 minutes feels like a 1-hour massage


Removes blocks to your inner vitality – instantly!

Respond To Stress

Maximizes your ability to respond to stress while increasing your energy.

Body’s Harmony

Enhances your body’s harmony and opens the way for living your life to your fullest potential.

The Conductor and the Orchestra

When you consider that the Nerve System is your master system, or your body’s information superhighway connecting all other systems, then you could say it acts as the “conductor” of the “orchestra” (that being, all the other systems of your body).

To take the analogy further, some of the major “orchestra” sections (or “power” systems) of your body, that communicate and interrelate with the Nerve System are the spinal column becoming your Neurospinal System, the muscle system becoming your Neuromuscular System, the glandular system becoming your Neuroendocrine System, the Chemical System (food and nutrition) becoming your Neurochemical System and the emotions that become your Neuroemotional System.

Symphony vs. Cacophony

An analysis of the respective energy levels of these systems and their relative synergy in the body as a whole will determine whether your body is functioning more in the symphony, or its opposite, cacophony. As an example, a cacophony can exist if the energetic flow of the Neurospinal system is less than optimal. The direct effect of this may be an eruption of back or neck pain, an interrupted sleep pattern, a decreased ability to handle life stresses effectively leading to anxiety or depression, while a more subtle disturbance might be sensed as a lack of coordination or postural imbalance.

All of these effects however not only reflect disruption to your health and wellness in the first place but left unchecked will continue to further deter your unique expression of life. To achieve symphony on progressively more refined energetic levels is to experience elevated wellness. The alternative, cacophony, is the lack of communication and synergy between systems leading to decreased levels of energy and vitality.

You Choose

Picture yourself sitting in an orchestra hall, on the one hand, enjoying a beautiful symphony with the conductor in place, while on the other hand, with no conductor present, listening to the orchestra sections warming up before the concert just producing a mismatch of notes and sounds. Which “body” do you choose for your life experience?

Symphonic Energetics is both a system of analyzing each of the aforementioned systems to determine their relative level of function and also a system of “tuning up” or “tuning down” the components, allowing them to come back into harmony.

Authorities, Both Past and Present, Concur

Stepping back in history, Dr. Louis Pasteur, founder of the germ theory and therefore contributor to much that has become modern medicine stated just prior to his passing that he had erred: “The microbe is nothing, the terrain is everything” (‘terrain’ referring to the adaptability of the tissues and therefore the energetics of the human body primarily). This truth is classically illustrated in the example of someone with a bad cold sneezing and coughing in the vicinity of others at a family gathering. While some family members unfortunately contract the same virus ending up with the same cold symptoms, not all of them do.

Those that are fortunate enough to not “catch the cold”, are in fact exhibiting a “stronger” terrain, a greater adaptative immune system response, backed by a more effective energetic balance. According to modern day cell biologist, Dr. Bruce Lipton, the emphasis on the genome (genetics) is outdated i.e. our health is not pre-determined by the genes we were dealt at birth, as once thought. Rather, he states that applied consciousness can be used to shape our biology and make us “masters” of our own lives. Instead of being “programmed” by our genes, our lives are controlled by our perceptions of life experiences (that is, our ability to acknowledge and adapt).

We Can Have More Control of Our Symphony and Energy Than We’ve Been Told

We can, in fact, change our genetic expression by changing our mind and emotions. A large component of the application of Symphonic Energetics is the canceling out of past neuro-emotional blocks in the neuro-spinal and neuroendocrine systems, assisting health recovery, while setting the stage for health freedom.

Symphonic Energetics has been designed to maximize adaptative response at all levels and through all systems with the ultimate outcome being more refined levels of energy and matter in expression i.e. that you are in control of your body and your quality of life expression.

Start Your Symphonic Energetics Program Today

Start Your Symphonic Energetics Program Today

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747 Hyde Park Rd Suite 110 London, ON N6H 3S3


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747 Hyde Park Rd Suite 110 London, ON N6H 3S3