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Inspirational Stories

Inspirational Stories

Roxanne Gardner, 52 year old Postal Worker

I had three years of pain in my feet like I was walking with stones in my shoes. As well, over the past three months, I was experiencing constant pain whenever my feet were weight bearing to the point of being nauseated.

I was so happy to sit and have a conversation with Dr. Eidt about a new approach that might make a difference.

After fully hearing my story and doing an examination he explained to me his findings and suggested we get started.

Following my first Symphonic Energetics treatment, I noticed that I could breathe much deeper and without restriction, the stress and tension in my muscles and body were greatly reduced and I had an overall feeling of happiness and elation.

Oh, yes. I was able to walk around the office in socked feet, something I previously avoided, with no pain or restriction in my gait? what a relief!

Gail Hoevenaars

Being given back your life is truly a gift. That’s what I received from Dr. Eidt and the Symphonic Energetics team.

For more than two years, I had been struggling with pain that doctors could not find the source of, nor could they relieve it. I was put through a battery of tests, procedures and surgeries, all to no avail.

Western Medicine’s answer was then to keep adding more and more narcotics because the pain was getting worse and they could find no answer. My system collapsed with the overload of narcotics. My blood pressure was alarmingly low. I felt I had nothing to live for. I had no hope. The pain was my life.

My family stepped in. My family found Dr. Eidt. At that first visit, I didn’t think Dr. Eidt could help me either. No one else had. Then came my first entrainment. I was shocked and amazed! The pain was 75% GONE! In ONE visit! It has been four months since that first visit. That pain is now 90% gone. The debilitating migraines I have lived with most of my life have diminished also, to the point where I canceled an Occipital Stimulator Implant surgery.

I am off all narcotics and significantly reduced blood pressure meds and other meds, with the help of my Doctor and the Pain Clinic.

It is more peaceful waking without pain and not walking with it all day long. Through Symphonic Energetics I was helped to deal with the emotions that went along with chronic pain, thereby not giving it power in my life. That also gave me more confidence in dealing with people and life’s situations. My energy level is unbelievably high.

Applying what I’ve learned in the nutritional consults with Dr. Neumann has helped me with boosting my energy and with weight loss. Family and friends are amazed and thankful to have the “old me” back. So am I.

Thank you, Dr. Eidt and Dr. Neumann.

Sally M Financial Advisor, 38 years old.

Symphonic Energetics has revived my mind, body, and spirit in less than one year.

My lower back pain along with stiffness in my neck and shoulders have been alleviated, which I learned were attributed to work and life stress. This is something that years of regular massage therapy sessions could not achieve.

My body’s energy is now free-flowing and I have the ability to manage daily stress more effectively along with greater self-awareness.

Twenty-four years ago, my younger brother was killed in a tragic accident. Over the years, I have carried a deep feeling of sorrow in my heart. Energetics testing measured the strength of these emotions. Dr. Eidt helped me realize that continuing to harbor these feelings would be of no help to me.

After an entrainment, I felt more relaxed but, no overwhelming change. One week later, I started to sob uncontrollably for approximately fifteen minutes which, I realized was my body’s way of releasing my sorrow. A feeling of peace came over me.

Dr. Rosemary Neumann is a wealth of information regarding nutrition. Before our consultation, I completed a chart to record my daily eating habits for one week. This activity allowed her to recommend areas of improvement by explaining healthier food choices and introduced me to the technique of food combining. A follow-up visit helped me see how my diet improved, with opportunity for further advice.

Dr. Neumann also introduced me to a multi-faceted approach involving deep breathing that allowed me to better notice areas of connection and disconnection from within and how I could improve my wellness through regular application.

My experience with Symphonic Energetics has taken me down a path to Suprawellness which I would recommend anyone to try!!!!!!

Anne L, Retired

I was feeling very weak and very tired and very old. I had three bouts of shingles within several months. I was plagued with hives regularly and odd rashes were appearing. I was run down! I was totally exhausted! I was not feeling well!

Things took a turn for the worst in July 2007 when I had jaw surgery for a bone infection. The surgery went well, but I had a reaction to the anesthetic. To make matters worse I also had a problem with the antibiotics which caused a number of problems.

The healing process was very slow. It was January of 2008 before I was cleared by the doctor to reduce my medications – however, I found myself dealing with bouts of hives and even an unfortunate introduction to shingles.

It was May when I broke a bone in my foot while exercising on a rebounder. It was a silly thing to do and I was quite embarrassed when I had to explain why I was hobbling about. It did seem to take forever to heal but I had learned that I was anemic and this attributed to the slow healing.

July 2008 I took a nasty fall in my backyard while visiting my composter. I had blown out my elbow. It required reconstructive surgery. This meant more anesthetic! The metal plates and bolts required me to take a considerable amount of antibiotics. I felt I hadn’t quite recovered from all the drugs from the jaw surgery and here I was filling my body with more.

It was during my recovery from the elbow surgery that I once again returned to the hospital by ambulance. This time it turned out to be my gallbladder. I had to undergo surgery once again in November 2008. Yes, this meant more of the dreaded anesthetic which my body dislikes and more of the antibiotics that my body appears to abhor. The operation was a success!

I was feeling very weak and very tired and very old. I had three bouts of shingles within several months. I was plagued with hives regularly and odd rashes were appearing. I was run down! I was totally exhausted! I was not feeling well!

Through all this, I continued to visit Dr. Bob, but on a somewhat interrupted schedule. Once I was able to drive I became a regular at his office again in September 2009. I feel fortunate that I was part of Dr. Bob’s new method of care, Symphonic Energetics which includes regular assessment, SRI, and dietary information with Dr. Rosemary and much, much more!

I have completed the first six-week assessment with Dr. Bob and I have to admit that I have thrived! I know that in the past two months I have regained my energy level and am feeling much stronger. At first, I thought it might have been the placebo effect from getting more treatment.

I dismissed this thought when I visited my son in Mississauga. I had seen him a month earlier but on this visit, he noticed that I had improved over that short time. He actually mentioned how pleased he was to see me returning to my old self. This may not seem like much praise but my son is a chiropractor. He had been treating me when I stayed with him while recovering from surgery. He had first-hand knowledge of my progress or lack of progress. For him to notice such improvement was impressive.

I know I still have room for improvement and am looking forward to seeing what the next few months and years will bring.

Racheal Pressey, 14 year old high school student

Almost immediately upon starting care, I noticed that I started feeling at peace and I started feeling stress-free. I also felt like there was the help, and eventually, the pains would subside.

I started noticing the change in the amount of pain I was in. It started to come less frequently. The chest pains that I had, had started to go away and my shoulder started to feel much better as well.

I started to have an open mind with the things I was uncomfortable with.

As a 14 year old, I have to deal with school, friends, and parents. I didn’t think that stress had anything to do with the pains I had been experiencing.

I didn’t know there was help out there either, but when I realized there was, I knew it was better to seek help now rather than later.

B. J.

In June of 2008, I had some surgery which resulted in nerve damage. I have been through four subsequent surgeries to correct the problem without positive results. The amount of narcotics that was needed just to sustain a sliver of a life was exhausting both emotionally and physically.

With each failed surgery I fell further into depression, feeling hopeless about my future. I was a 38 year old mother of 2 with no energy to take care of my basic needs, let alone my children.

My medical plan was not helping me move toward wellness. I left the decisions up to hospitals and doctors which included taxing my organs with narcotics, eating pre-packaged fast food and living in depression.

By July of 2011, I needed a wheelchair for trips with my family and I spent hours each day sleeping because of the side effects from the heavy narcotics.

Prior to coming to Symphonic Energetics I was hopeless and facing a radical experimental spinal surgery to alleviate some of the pain I was experiencing.

I saw that Symphonic Energetics had been successful for someone I had watched deal with pain for decades. After six weeks of treatment she was suddenly 20 years younger and pain-free but more importantly, she was positive about the future.

My first visit resulted in immediate pain relief lasting two hours and then I had decreased pain for 12 more hours. As I have followed the program consistently, I have found the pain relief lasting days.

By following the nutritional and lifestyle recommendations along with entrainments I found my energy increase further. It allowed me to be proactive in my healing, to care for my body as best I could, giving me a chance to heal myself.

My experience with Symphonic Energetics has been nothing but positive. The doctors and their support staff are very warm, encouraging and caring.

I am currently 3 months into treatment and have experienced significant pain relief and decreased my narcotic medications. More importantly for me, I have the energy to do things with my children and I am hopeful about the future.

L. D.

I was given the opportunity to work in a chiropractic office where the doctors practiced a unique strategy called Symphonic Energetics.

During the interview for a position in this office offering these unique strategies of care, I was skeptical, to say the least when they explained how Symphonic Energetics worked.

I didn’t understand how a light touch in the cervical spine (neck) and/or sacrum (tailbone) would make such an impact on the results that the practice member would have.

But since working in the office, seeing and experiencing first hand how this type of care works? it’s amazing!

To date, my experience has taught me that a light touch and small contact with the nerve system called an entrainment (the foundation to this unique strategy) is just as effective as traditional care.

Most of our practice members actually prefer the light touch compared to traditional adjustments. I have seen practice members after having their first Symphonic Energetics visit say “that pain I have had in my back for years is gone!” I can actually touch the area and there is NO pain”, or “I have been suffering from this abdominal pain for a number years and now I hardly know it’s there”.

Practice members notice that their pain meds, prescription drugs etc., are reduced almost immediately if not all together and their quality and quantity of life is much better.

My own experiences have been that I have had to try to cope with headaches and migraines for the past ~ 17 years, sometimes lasting 6 months at a time.

When under stress (no matter what kind of stress) my low back and tailbone would flare up and be so painful that it was extremely difficult to get out of bed in the morning, bend over or sit, stand or lie down for too long.

My very first entrainment was eye-opening and mind-blowing. It was like a light was plugged in and the switch was flipped all at the same time. My “power” was instantly turned on. It was also like the “fog” had lifted like in the Claritin commercial. My headache was instantly gone and my energy instantly increased. WOW! I was a believer at that moment.

Due to the reduction in frequency and pain with my headaches and low back, my mood got better. I had increasingly more energy and my overall health improved. I’m sure I was/am much easier to live with as well, as a result of this unique approach.

My 3 children are now under care and they too have noticed some fantastic results. My son who is 18 has noticed that the area’s that used to bother him on a regular basis don’t, and anything new that now “pops up” or “flares up” is gone within 1 or 2 entrainments.

My daughters 8 and 5 love having their entrainments and ask when they are going to be seeing the chiropractor again. They now tell me when they think they need an extra appointment. They’re more calm and relaxed after their entrainments.

I watched them getting entrained one day and my youngest daughter’s body would move (spontaneously) during her entrainments. You could watch the muscles in her spine and buttocks contracting and then relaxing. It was so amazing to watch her little spine realign.

Anne L, Retired

I have been part of the chiropractic family for 25 years.

At my very first visit, I began learning about Chiropractic. Along with my adjustments, I was receiving information with every visit. My education continues to this day!

I have learned how adjustments could relieve pain and stress. I learned through conversations, classes, slide presentations and seminars. As methods changed so did the education.

I have learned how to balance my life through nutrition, breathing and exercise. I learned about positive thinking and gratitude. Chiropractic has become an essential part of my life. I believe there is even more to experience through Symphonic Energetics.

My goal had been to balance my life and live in a healthy and meaningful way. I believed the secret was to reach a level of health which would only require maintenance.

But there is more!

I have learned so much and have been helped enough to know there has to be more. I believe if I stay the course I will achieve my new goal.

My new goal is to embrace life and flourish!

M. F. D.

The transition from Network Spinal Analysis care to the enhanced Symphonic Energetics program is something that I have found most beneficial.

Right from ,the first session I discovered how the change from the traditional chiropractic treatment to a more gentle entrainment can produce more energy and stress relief within just a few minutes.

The Symphonic Energetics program has helped me greatly in two situations.

First of all, I discovered that this program can relieve stress that has been present for years. When I was twelve years old I had orthopaedic surgery on my neck to correct a birth injury. Both my chiropractor and I were delighted to discover just a few weeks ago that the stress areas in my neck that have been there for years have entirely disappeared.

The second positive experience occurred during the past year when my medical doctor diagnosed me with polymyalgia rheumatica. My muscles were so weak that I had great difficulty in walking, sitting down and getting up, and climbing the stairs. Thanks to the entrainment sessions, the exercise program, and the positive attitude and encouragement of my chiropractors, I am ever so much better.

I believe that if it weren’t for the enhanced Symphonic Energetics program and the continued assurance of my chiropractors that my condition would improve, I would have been forced to retire from a profession I love greatly, and have enjoyed participating in for 53 years.

Ted Eitel, 65 year old Assistant Golf Course Grounds Supervisor

At the time, I was into the fourth month of rehab after a workplace hand injury. Recovery was progressing very slowly, with conventional treatment, and I was having fears about never being able to return to my normal job duties again.

On a recent visit to family in Ontario, I had the good fortune to be referred to Drs. Eidt and Neumann by a local friend who was already receiving effective care.

At the time, I was into the fourth month of rehab after a workplace hand injury. Recovery was progressing very slowly, with conventional treatment, and I was having fears about never being able to return to my normal job duties again.

I was able to visit their office three times before returning home to British Columbia. The care they provided was extremely effective, making a difference not only in the function of my hand but in my overall attitude as well.

They went out of their way to accommodate my visits to my mother and my departure date in order to make my appointments. I returned home with a new found positive energy and optimism in my life and that my hand would return to normal.

Before departing, Dr. Neumann unselfishly went out of her way to seek out the name of a practitioner in White Rock, BC, my home town, to retain for continuing hand therapy. Presently I am happy to say I have returned to work full time and with full duties! Thank you, Drs. Bob and Rosemary.

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